The Minecraft Vanilla Cape

26th Dec, 2022

The Minecraft Vanilla Cape

The Minecraft Vanilla Cape is a puzzle for players. There are many cool capes in Minecraft. Did you know this? It's one those item slots in the sandbox that most people don't pay attention to. But they are there if you need them. Some of these items can be used to migrate your Mojang account or attend events. However, you must have done something before you can get an upcoming one.

The Minecraft Vanilla Cape is a well-kept secret at the moment. This is because an article about the cape was posted on the official Minecraft site earlier this week, but it was removed a few hours later. It's a bizarre state of affairs and there's no explanation why.

Phoenix SC posted a video about the whole thing, and even created a mockup to show the cape in action. The short version is that Mojang posted a post which we have just linked to, but returned a 404 error. After that, they took it down. It explained that players who purchased both the Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft before June 6, 2022 would receive a fancy Vanilla Cap.

The page was removed a few hours later and can now be viewed only on the Wayback Machine. This is very strange. The article isn't particularly disturbing, and it doesn't seem like it was announced in advance. Although we don't know why it was removed, it is clear that it was. According to the wiki, it was also posted on the Minecraft Discord server. So why was the post removed from the site?