How to Tame a Minecraft Fox

18th Jan, 2023

How to Tame a Minecraft Fox

How to train a Minecraft Fox? These four-legged critters are very sneaky, just like real-life foxes. You might still spot one of these bushy-tailed creatures while you're out and about. Did you know that you can make friends with the Minecraft fox? It takes only a little determination, and some skillful planning.

Foxes are often wary and will run away from you if they get near you. There are some things that you can do to make a fox friend and tame it. This friendly friend will help you fight off mobs and chase small animals. They can also jump and scale small structures.

This guide will show you how to calm this timid creature. It will also include where to find it and what you'll require. These instructions will help you to create your Minecraft fox friend.

Where can a Minecraft fox spawn in the wild?

It is a little more difficult to find foxes in Minecraft than other beasties, because they are nocturnal. To locate them, you will need to search Taiga biomes. These are the colder forests you can find on the surface. They come in three varieties: normal, snowy and giant tree Taigas.

These foxes spawn in groups of two to four and have a 5% chance that they will spawn as baby foxes. Red foxes can be found in the normal Taigas, while white foxes can be found in the snowy ones.

How to control a fox in Minecraft

First, you must make a new fox. In other words, you need convince foxes that they can breed. You just need to give one sweetberry to one fox and then give another sweetberry to the fox that you want it to mate. Wait for them to mate. The foxes that have just been born will be loyal to you.

It will also follow other foxes. If you want your fox to follow you, you will need to get it away. Attach a lead to it, and then walk away from all furry fauna. Then it will only have eyes for yours. After you have taken it in, make sure you take care of it.

Although you can find leads in the wild, you will likely have to make one using four string and one slimeball. If you decide to breed a red and white fox, their baby will have a 50% chance of either being white or red. Two cubs of the same colour, however, will produce the same type.